Broken Silence: IMC CEO Addresses Car Fires

IMC, the company responsible for the creation of the sedan that resulted in the hospitalization of the Brown family earlier this year, has finally released a statement on the incident. Up until now, IMC has not addressed the incident, but a statement was made earlier this week by the CEO, Sarah Bloom. Ms. Bloom apologized, expressing regret and responsibility, and explaining what the company intends to do to make amends. We have managed to get an interview with Ms. Bloom, to ask her more about what the company intends to do, why they did not address the issue sooner, and how the family has responded. When asked why the company stayed silent on the fires for so long, Ms. Bloom explained that they had, in her words:

“…foolishly underestimated the scale of the event. We knew that there were a few fires, that a family had been hurt, but at the time we were advised to sit and let it blow over, a decision I deeply regret. It was recently brought to our attention the full extent of the effect our design flaw has had, and I believe it is never too late to try to make up for one’s mistakes. We certainly should’ve acted and been accountable much sooner, and I take full responsibility for the lack of action our company has had. I may have been advised to stay silent, but it is still on my shoulders in the end that IMC failed to act.”

She expressed regret for IMC’s inaction and for how she failed to look into the incident closer and to work to remedy it sooner. She makes it clear that she intends to do as much as she can to make things right, explaining her plans for the company in the future.

“As a company, we can’t let this happen again. I cannot allow myself to get so detached from the manufacturing process and from the real life impacts of our products that people get hurt. We were aware of the design flaw prior to the Charisma’s release, but brushed over it, betraying this company’s values and how strongly we have stood for quality. I have started in the company a committee of engineers and safety experts to design quality tests for our products, to prevent flaws from getting through, and to hold me and everyone in this company accountable to ensure that we don’t cause another accident like the one that happened to the Browns. This committee is set up so that their pay is not dependent on me or other IMC higher ups, to ensure that they are not under the risk of losing pay or employment by expressing potential issues, and they have set control over quality checks and safety tests for the products IMC produces.”

IMC has also reimbursed the Browns for their medical bills, as well as provided them with a replacement vehicle. When asked, the Browns declined interview, offering only the comment that they are grateful, but do not wish to be brought back into the public eye or be further reminded of the event. Ms. Bloom shared that she did go and visit the family, but declined to share details out of respect for the family’s wish for privacy.
IMC also has a website up to allow all owners of an IMC Charisma or a vehicle produced since the Charisma’s release to get their vehicles inspected and safety checked by the nearest mechanic that partners with them. The website allows them to input their license and location, and direct them to a mechanic nearby that can perform the check, covered by IMC. The website also allows one to check whether their vehicle qualifies for such a check, by inputting details about the model, when it was purchased, etc. Ms. Bloom has put new measures in place and expanded her company to not only increase the safety of their products, but also to make sure that someone knowledgeable and powerful within the company could hold her and others accountable. She has worked to make amends with the Brown family, and is putting in effort to ensure that IMC products recently produced are safe. It may have been a long time coming, but IMC has broken their silence on the topic, and seem to be working full steam to make amends and use this as a wake-up call to improve their company and to be more accountable in their work.

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