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Festival Package

Basic: Simple design. Doesn’t have to be the same as shown in example photo. I am available to discuss details of the design once you contact me to schedule a paint. Basic paints take around 1-1 1/2 hours to complete.  

Cost: 1500 baht. 

Prior notice required: 3 days. 


Medium: Slightly more complex design, as it has more detail than the basic. Customizable to whatever you would like done, does not have to be the same as example photos. Medium paints take around 2 hours. 

Cost: 2500 baht.

Prior notice required: 5 days. 


Premium: The most complicated design. Full faces, high detail, or most complex concepts fall in this category. The time to complete a premium paint depends on the design you want, but generally up to and around 3 hours.

Cost: 4000 baht.

Prior notice required: 1 week.   

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