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In my mind, the ideal place to be is somewhere far away from civilization, separated completely from the destructive aspects and worries of humanity, floating somewhere above a beautiful mountain range. Stretching far into the distance below is a sea of green trees and valleys, as far as I can see. Clouds float below my feet, and a few lazily drift by above me, as the sky fades from clear blue into quickly darkening purple and stars begin to show. Everything is peaceful and silent, except for the occasional chirp of birds or rustling of leaves from the forested mountains below.

In the trees, a million shades of green dance through the leaves as the light reflects off of them, and down in the valleys, a glittering river slowly moves as a breeze drifts by. As the moon rises and the light reflects off the water, the temperature of the air around me slowly drops, for which I am prepared with a blanket, and the sky above me starts to fill up with trillions of stars. The moon casts a dimly glowing light on the trees below, creating a ominous, yet peaceful scene.

Right around me, where I float, is a notebook and pencils, so that I can draw the beautiful untouched landscape around me. I have the rest of time in which to draw what I see, a stunning pollution free landscape that will remain forever. I am not a part of this landscape, not part of this world or any right now. I am merely an observer, I don’t really exist, or require anything from the world around me. All there is, is the sky above me, the trees below me, the water, the sun and the moon, and I have the rest of time to simply watch it all in peaceful silence.

In this perfect place, all that exists is nature and me, sunrises and sunsets, an eternally untouched place, going on till the end of time. I need nothing, and am nothing, except the drawings I can make and the things I think. In this near endless stretch of time, I can see the stars clearly, I can see every leaf on the trees below, and there is nothing to distract me, for the only things around are the things I’m to spend forever watching. Below float a few lightning bugs, and somewhere in the distance, the pattering of rain echoes. Everything is peaceful, and I need not worry about anything.