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She leaned against his shoulder. “So, we’ve got swimming, dancing, sunset watching is an absolute must, we might be able to make s’mores, what else should we do? If my plan goes right, we’ll have two nights, and a day and a half to do stuff.” 

He shrugged. “We could just wing it, I haven’t been there in ages, it might be fun to just explore and see what happens.” 

She nodded. “Sounds like a good idea. Adventure is always super fun. And, uh, fun and-” she yawned, struggling to keep her eyes open. “and, uh, adventure… Did I already say that?” 

“Yep. I think you should probably get to sleep, are you crashing at the park? Want you to walk you there, and help you set up your tent? You could sleep at my place too, my roommate moved out a bit ago, there’s a spare room.” 

She nodded but made no attempt to move, and upon checking, Adri found that she had fallen asleep. After debating what to do in his head, he swung her bag over his shoulder, picked her up, and started walking to his dorm. Better slightly uncomfortable on a couch in a dumpy dorm than possibly severely injured after being attacked by some creep in the park, he figured. 


Chapter 10: Coffee and Energy Drinks


Adri shook Angela awake. “Hey, we’ve got to go sign the contract soon. I made breakfast, so we can leave sooner.” He gestured to the battered coffee table as Angela grumbled and curled tighter into the blanket.

“Nope. Not getting up, it’s too early.” She pulled the blanket over her head. 

Oh crap, she’s adorable. He poked her again. “I’m serious, we’ve got to leave in like half an hour, you’ve been sleeping for like forever. Come on, I even made coffee just the way you like it.” He waited for a minute, and she didn’t move. “Okay, seriously. I will take the blanket if you don’t get up, and it’s cold, so I doubt you want to lose it.”  

She sat up wearing the blanket like a cape, grumbling. “I heard a little something about coffee? That’s the only reason I’m awake, y’know.” 

He handed her the cup and sat down next to her. “Here you go! There are toast and eggs on the table there too.” 

She took a long sip of coffee. “Thanks. I just need to like, actually wake up, then I can eat. I’m too tired to be hungry right now. What time even is it? Seven?” 

“Actually, it’s 1:30, in the afternoon. You did stay up till like 4:30 in the morning last night though, so you’ve got a good excuse.” He passed her the plate. “We’ve got to leave really soon, so eat.”  

She stared at him in shock. “Wait, what? I had class this morning! I missed class! I’ve never missed a class before, what will the teachers think?” 

“Relax, I called in for you, I told them you were sick and couldn’t make it. You really did need to sleep, and you would certainly have been the equivalent of sick if you’d had to wake up early and go to class.” He checked his watch. “7 minutes till we need to go catch a bus, I’m gonna go get ready and stuff. The bathroom’s around the corner over there and your backpack is over by the door if you want to change.” And with that, he disappeared into his room. 

An hour later, they stood in front of their apartment door. Angela jingled the key and slid it into the lock. “Alright, this is it! Our apartment awaits!” She turned the key and swung the door open to a silent, dusty apartment. “Well, it might not look great now, but we can jazz it up!”  She spun around in the living room, giggling. “Man, having an actual apartment feels great! There’s so much more space than in a tent!” 

Adri, who had finished the check of water and lights, finally joined her in the living room. “Yeah, it’s amazing! Do you want to move in tonight? It’ll take me a bit longer, since I’ve gotta move all my stuff out of my dorm, and go get some boxes of stuff from my parents house, but since your stuff all fits in the backpack, and you’d be staying in a tent otherwise, so you might as well move in now.” He patted the wall. “This is way better than the park by a long stretch, and I can help you set stuff up!” 

She grinned. “Yeah, definitely! And remember, I called dibs on the room with the neat wall window!” 

He dramatically groaned. “Noooo, I thought we were rock-paper-scissoring for that one!” He fell to his knees, and grabbed her hands. “I thought you’d play fair!” 

She smirked. “We already did, remember? On the bus last night, rock beat scissors, I won the room fair and square.” She swung her backpack over her shoulder and strutted to the bedroom. “Man, I’m gonna love just watching the sunset out of this amazing window every night, what a beautiful view…” 

He followed her in. “There’s no bed in here.” He gestured to the rest of the empty room. “No furniture either.” 

She shrugged. “I’ve got a sleeping bag, until I can save up to get an actual bed. I could scoot the couch in here too, for a while.” 

Adri nodded. “Alright. I can help you move the couch in. I don’t have much else to do for the rest of the day, as I also called in sick. More because I figured I’d need to help you move than because I was really tired, but still. Is there anything else you’ll need help with?” 

Angela was already in the living room. “Well, you can help me haul this couch in so I can make my bed, for a start.” 

A lot of adjusting, complaining, and sweat later, the couch had been moved, the bedroom had been set up, and Angela was officially moved in. They stood in the middle of the room and surveyed the finished product. “Well, that certainly was a lot easier than I would have expected,” said Adri. “Moving into places usually takes longer.” 

She shrugged. “It’s not like there was a lot of stuff to move. Just my backpack of stuff to unpack, and a couch to move.” She flopped onto the couch and smiled. “Man, this is great. When are you starting to move in again? I owe you some help, since you missed a few classes just to help me.” She sat up and patted the couch next to her. “You can sit if you’d like too, sorry, didn’t mean to hog all the space.” 

“I’m probably moving in over the week. Tomorrow I’m gonna go get some stuff from my parents house, like my bed, and a few boxes of old junk from the attic, and they also agreed to give me a table and a couple chairs, so I’ll be moving those too.” 

“Cool. I can help you set it all up if you need the help. At least, except for most of the morning, I’ve got a doozy of an exam then. But after that, I promise I can help. Also, I do believe I owe you a rain check on that coffee?” 

He smiled. “Yeah, I think you do. I wonder if there are any nice places around here? After all, once we graduate and don’t need to be near campus all the time, we don’t want to just take a half hour bus ride just for a cup of mediocre coffee.” 

Angela was already at the door. “Alright, exploring!” She swung the door open and bowed dramatically. “After you, sire.”