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As he reached the park, he saw Angela sitting on a bench, humming along to inaudible music, headphones twirled around her fingers. He tapped her on the shoulders. In hindsight, he realized that tapping her shoulder in the middle of the night in an isolated area was a bad idea, but at the time, he had to learn his lesson. Upon tapping her shoulder, he was on the wrong end of a can of pepper spray, and a jagged fist of keys was held aloft defensively. “Whoa, hey, don’t worry, it’s just me! Please don’t pepper spray me.”

She lowered her weapons. “Oh! Sorry, I was just a little jumpy, y’know. Never know what can happen on campus at night when you’re by yourself.” She shoved the pepper spray back into a small holster on her belt and pocketed the keys. “Have a seat!” She patted the bench next to her.  “So, how are you doing? What’s wrong?”

He sat down. “Not much is really wrong that’s causing it, it’s just an off day, and I just need to get my mind off of it right now. So, why on earth aren’t you asleep? How aren’t you tired at-” He glanced at his watch. “One in the morning?”

She shrugged. “I dunno. But, I figured that while I wasn’t feeling tired, might as well get something done, and I got my final assignment in English done! It’s due next week, and now I’ve got time to do whatever.”

“You already finished your assignment? What sort of a person finishes stuff that early?! I haven’t even started yet…” He scuffed his shoe on the pavement and stared up at the sky. “But let’s not think about school, school sucks. About this weekend road trip, what’s your plan? Beyond road-tripping to the beach, I mean.”

She sat up and grinned. “Oh, it’s gonna be great! You know the beach that’s like 7 hour’s drive from here?  Aisa Beach? I thought we could camp there, y’know? The tide doesn’t go up too high, I’ve camped there before, and the sunsets there are absolutely gorgeous. After the drive, which is arguably one of the worst parts of a road trip, aside from being a great opportunity to listen to a bunch of awesome music, I was thinking we could have a picnic on the beach before we set up the tent, maybe go swimming. Rest of the weekend is pretty much unplanned other than just generally having fun and stuff. I’m hoping to catch a good picture of the sunset though. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the sunset on Aisa from the cliff side on that one hill overlooking the pier, it’s beautiful.” She paused. “Sorry, I kinda went a bit crazy there, didn’t mean to ramble. It is awesome though. Is there any stuff you’d want to do?” 

He thought about that for a minute. “This might sound really cheesy,” he said, awkwardly avoiding eye contact. “-but I’ve always wanted to dance on a beach under stars, you know? It just sounds so peaceful, and romantic.” He cleared his throat. “But, if you don’t want to, that’s cool.” He glanced back at Angela.

She was grinning widely. “Awww, that’s adorable! Yeah, duh, that sounds awesome! I wish I’d thought of that. We’ll definitely have to do that.” She pulled out her phone and typed it into notes. “I’ve been keeping a list of all my ideas. I was also thinking a bonfire with driftwood if we can find any. I’ll bring marshmallows if you bring chocolate and graham crackers, then we can make s’mores.”