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Angela thought about it for a minute as she finished her pizza. “I don’t know, don’t exactly get a lot of opportunities to figure out what food actually tastes good, it’s usually what’s cheap. I guess I like pizza, and if there’s any way to improve upon this,” she waved a second slice at him. “I would be quite impressed.”

He grinned. “I accept your challenge, and raise you dessert.”

“What dessert are you planning on making?” She raised an inquisitive eyebrow.

“It’s a surprise!” Sudden remembrance flashed across his face, and he quickly added to his statement. “You don’t have any allergies, do you?”

“Nah, the only allergy I have is my allergic reaction to dumb people. I break out in aggressive sarcasm.”

Adri looked at her skeptically. “You stole that from the internet.”

She laughed. “Yeah, I’d kinda hoped you wouldn’t notice, it’s a pretty great joke. Works on most internet deprived people. I just made the mistake of assuming you hadn’t been on the internet that much.”

He made a sarcastically offended face. “Excuse you?! I may as well be crowned the King of the Internet! I know allllll the Internet.”

This time it was Angela’s turn to look skeptical. “Uh, yeah right, you’ve seen everything on all of the internet ever. Sureeeee.”

He chuckled. “Hey, not EVERYTHING, that would be traumatizing, but I’ve seen most of the good parts. Ever seen that one video of the dude playing Beethoven with a rubber chicken?” His face clearly indicated he was sure she hadn’t.

“Uh, obviously, it’s fine art.” She grinned and settled back into her chair. “How bout the one where…”

And so back and forth they went, each one trying to come up with a more unique, more rare internet post until the waiter suddenly came up to the table. “Uh, sorry dudes, but the restaurant’s closing, so y’all oughta scram.” And with that said, he pointed to the door, gathered up their plates and walked off.

Chapter 7: Lime Green Walls?!

Angela knocked loudly on Adri’s door. “Hi! Ready to go house hunting! We can’t be late, or whoever the heck is showing us the apartments might think we’re losers that can’t be responsible.”

Adri swung the door open, leaning against the frame with a deadpan expression. “I am a loser that can’t be responsible.” Despite the negative connotation of his sentence, he sounded cheery.

She punched his arm. “Hey, be nice to my boyfriend!” He raised a confused eyebrow, and she tripped over her words as she frantically tried to explain. “It’s just a thing I say to all my friends if they’re talking crap about themselves. If you’re talking bad about yourself, it means you’re talking bad about one of my friends, and if I phrase it that way it usually kinda snaps ‘em out of it.”

He laughed. “That wasn’t why I was confused, well not majorly anyway. You said boyfriend?”

She tilted her head, confused. “Are you not cool with that? If you’re not, I can cut it out, I just figured since we’ve actually, like, been on a date that we called a date now, and we’ve hung out for like months before this, you’ve earned the title if you’re alright with it.”

He was silent for a while as they walked down the hall, and Angela started to worry she’d moved too fast.

“Yeah, that’s alright!” He flashed a grin. “Sorry for leaving you hanging there, I guess I was just a little bit taken off guard, I mean, we’ve only officially called one date a ‘date’.” He shrugged. “I dunno, just had to process.”

She took his hand in hers and smiled. “Yeah, okay, makes sense. Let’s go look at these apartments! One of them had a bathtub, I hope that one turns out to be otherwise decent.”

Adri laughed. “I think that was also the one with lime green walls.”

She frowned. “Drat, really? Hmm. Well, I guess lime green isn’t that bad of a color.” She twisted her face in concentration and closed her eyes, trying to picture the apartment in question, and reconsidered her statement. “On second thought, maybe they’ll let us re-paint.”