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She tentatively knocked on the door. “Adri? Can I come in?”

A nurse hurried down the hall and unlocked the door. “Sorry, he’s not allowed to leave the facilities until he’s feeling better, so the door’s locked. Go on in!”

She stepped in and looked around. The room, while brightly colored, seemed empty, and lifeless. “Adri?”

“Hey.” He waved from where he lay sprawled on the couch. “You didn’t need to visit, I’ll be fine.” He stared at the ceiling, his eyes unfocused and apathetic.

“What on earth do you mean I didn’t have to visit! I had to make sure you were ok!”

Or did she? She probably wanted an excuse to skip class. “Yeah sure, whatever. You can leave now, I won’t keep you from whatever fun thing you want to do.”

“What else would I be doing? Yeah, sure, I have class, but you’re more important than some dumb English class.” She squeezed onto the sliver of couch not occupied, and turned to him. “What’s wrong? You can tell me, if you want, I won’t judge.”

He shrugged. Everything. You’re a wreck, broken into a million pieces, and you can’t ever be put together. “I dunno.” Liar. You just won’t admit you’re a hopeless case, cause you don’t want her to leave. Coward.

“Ok, well, are you feeling better than you were before you came?” She scooted a little closer, and rested her hand on his.

“I guess. They gave me a lot of drugs, so I can sleep, and so my brain can be happy, I suppose.” He pulled himself upright, and looked at her. You don’t deserve her. He tried to push the thoughts away, trying to focus on Angela. “I don’t know how well they’re working, because I’m kinda out of it.”

Angela nodded thoughtfully. “Ok, well it’s good you’re feeling better! Is there anything you’d like me to bring you? How do the staff treat you?”

A shadow of a smile flickered across his face. “Uh, I guess coffee would be good, but I don’t think I’m allowed any. They want me to sleep, cause-“ He made airquotes. “Insomnia isn’t normal, and sleep is important for a healthy mental state.” He sighed. Sleep is time you’ve spent not doing anything productive. Not that you ever do anything worthwhile anyways. He refocused. “This probably sounds really dumb. but could you possibly smuggle in some chocolate? I think I left some in my fridge.” What makes you think you need chocolate? You should save it for when you’re really feeling bad, not when you’re just being pathetic. “Actually, never mind, I don’t need it, I shouldn’t eat if I don’t need to.”

“Ok, well, I’m bringing some anyway, in case you change your mind. Are they feeding you well enough?”

“Yeah, they make sure I eat. They keep talking about how I need to eat more, but I don’t see why,”