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She pulled the bandaids from the cabinet and turned towards him. “Ok, found them, here, let’s just clean these up, and then go get some help.”

She thinks you’re insane. She doesn’t want anything to do with you.

“Listen, I can do this myself!” He yelled at her, slapping the box of bandages from her hands. “I don’t need you, and I know you don’t really care, so just leave!”

She picked up the box again. “What do you mean? I do care about you. Why else would I be here helping you?” She reached for his arm, but he pulled it away. She’s lying. She’s just like everyone else, she’ll leave as soon as she gets the chance. “You don’t have to pretend to like me! I know you don’t! Just leave, I’ll be fine!” Now you’re lying. How could you lie to her! She doesn’t deserve to be stuck with you. 

She was looking more and more hurt with every word he said. “I really do care, why would I lie about that! You’re an amazing friend, an amazing person, I really do like you! Please, let me help you! You were doing better a while ago, let me help you get back up out of this.” She pulled his arm from behind his back and started bandaging it.

You know she’s lying. You don’t even deserve help.

“Is it your brain being negative again? Please, don’t focus on it, focus on something different! Focus on something you like!”

You know that won’t work. It’s useless. There is no happiness that can outlast the pain of this world. He tried to push the thoughts to the side, focusing on Angela instead.

“Can I help you? Please?” She reached for his other arm. “If you don’t want help, I’ll just call the hospital again, if you really don’t like me that much, but I really do want to help.”

“Yeah,” he mumbled, holding out his other arm.

“Yes, I can help you?” She hesitantly reached for another bandage.

He nodded, turning his face away, leaving his arm outstretched. You’re weak for needing help. You should be strong enough to fight this yourself.

Angela bandaged up his other wrist and put the box back in the cabinet. “Do you want me to help you get to the nurse to get this treated better?”

He shrugged. “Whatever, they’re just cuts.”

“Ok, how about the therapist’s office?”

He slowly nodded. “Yeah, sure.” Wimp. You should just give up by now, can’t you ever know when you’re beaten?”

She pulled him to his feet. “Just keep ignoring the voice for a little while longer, alright? I know it’s really tough, but you got this!” She patted his shoulder reassuringly and held the door open for him.

Chapter 4: Hold On

Angela leaned across the counter. “Can I see him yet? Please? I really want to make sure he’s okay.”

The receptionist smiled sympathetically. “I’ll ask and see, but it’s up to him whether he wants to see you, and he’s still in a bad state, mentally.”

“Ok, can you at least tell me how long he’ll be in the hospital?” She anxiously spun her ring around and around her finger, trying to distract herself from the worry.

“Well, it depends on how quickly he gets in a better frame of mind. Hold on a second, I’ll call in and see if he would like to see you.” He spun around and picked up the phone.

Angela went back to her seat and went back to reading one of many articles on mental health.

The person next to her glanced at the article she was reading. “Got a friend in here too, I see? What’re they in for? I might have advice!”

Angela glanced up. “Uh, depression, I think. Suicidal tendencies, specifically. I’m just so worried about him.”

The woman nodded. “I know the feeling. My boy, he’s in there with anxiety. Can’t sleep, can’t think straight, nothin’. I feel so bad for the poor kid, so as much as I wish he was out of here, and better, here’s the best place for ‘im, so he can get some help, ya’know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I get what you mean, I just, I don’t want to make it worse.”

“Well, d’ya know what’s makin’ ‘im feel bad?”

“Not really, he’s only been to one therapy session, and I wasn’t there.”

“You didn’t go with him? Why ever not?”

“What I was reading online was that he should rely entirely on one person because that was really unhealthy, so I figured he should start help himself, so he wouldn’t be too reliant on me.”

“Hmph. Well, the articles might say that, but a body does need support, specially when going through that. Next time, I advise you go with your friend, would do ‘im a world of good, I reckon.”

Just then, the receptionist called Angela over. “He said he’d like to see you. Room 307, in the Mental Health Ward.” He indicated the direction to the elevator and went back to work.