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As he walked up to the table, Angela smiled and waved at him. “Alrightly, lets get cracking! I got coffee! Well, I made some of the crappy free coffee, cause, y’know, I can’t really afford the fancy stuff till I get paid, but still, coffee!” She handed him a paper cup. “I added a ton of sugar, cause you need somethin’ sweet to celebrate your beginning of the road to recovery!” She tapped her cup on his and patted the seat next to her. “Paper. Let’s go!”

“You know, you don’t have to be so cheery just because I’m not.” He sat down and started reading through the paper. “Also, how many cups have you had already?”

“I’m not only being cheery because you’re sad, I’m usually like this, but only after you get to know me, and only if I like you. I didn’t like you when we first met, because you were acting like a bit of a distant, far-off, video game addicted jerk, but now I know you and you’re better, so you have been entrusted with the ultimate secret…the emo girl that wears all black is actually cheery and optimistic sometimes. And, for your information, I’ve only had 3 cups so far.” She smirked. “So, any changes you’d suggest so far?”

He tore his gaze away from her, and refocused on the paper. “Uh, nope, looks good. So, should we take turns writing paragraphs, or what?” He reached over and slid her cup of coffee away from her. “Also, no more coffee. I don’t want you to get addicted, or get a migraine.”

“Too late, I’m already both! Should I take first turn writing a paragraph, or do you wanna take it?”

“Uh, I’ll take the first turn, I’ve got a great idea on where to take the paper. What’ll you do while I write it?”

“Watch, and correct ya grammar. Go, go, go!” She poked him. “I’m excited to see this idea you’ve got.”

He started typing, suddenly a lot less confident in his idea. It’s a dumb idea anyway, you should just let her tell you what to write. Whatever you write is gonna suck anyway, so might as well just let her take first turn. You could just ditch her, and then go jump off the balcony. But then you’d be leaving her with all the work, which would be rude, and terrible. He sighed and shook his head, trying to clear his head.

“Dude. You ok?” Angela put a hand on his shoulder. “You look a bit spacey. Want me to take first turn instead?”

“No, no, it’s fine, my brain’s just doing what it’s good at, making me feel bad. I can just ignore it.” He furiously started typing, blocking out the negativity with the clicks of the keyboard.

“Ok, well let me know if it gets worse and you need a break. You’re awesome, so don’t let your brain underestimate you.” She pointed at the screen. “I think you might want to add a comma there.”

He nodded, and pause typing just long enough to give a thumbs up before resuming a hurricane of typing. “K, will do.”

She took a sip of his coffee and watched as he finished off the paragraph. “Ok, done, what do you think?”

“Wait, it’s only been like five minutes, you can’t be done already!” She stared incredulously at the screen. “Well, I guess you did! Looks great. It’s gonna take a bit longer than 5 minutes for me to get my paragraph done, so if you wanna go get a book, you can.”