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Hi! This is where I’m going to be posting my writing projects! Most of these stories are 600 words, so pretty short because they are being written for my Creative Writing class in school, but hopefully, they’re still interesting! Sometimes I might write other stuff, like short stories, or a couple of chapters for books I’ll probably never write. Anyways, hope you enjoy my writing!



Note: Possible trigger warning for the multiple post story ‘Future Friends’, for depression and self-harm themes.

a perfect place

In my mind, the ideal place to be is somewhere far away from civilization, separated completely from the destructive aspects and worries of humanity, floating somewhere above a beautiful mountain range. Stretching far into the distance below is a sea of green trees...

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a boy like the stars

you never knew quite what a star felt like until he brushed the hair from your face and it felt like a bolt of lightning had struck and electricity ran through your veins  until he held your hand so tightly that it was like handcuffs holding you to him for what he...

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Discontinuation Notice: Future Friends

Regretfully, I will be discontinuing, at least for the present, the story 'Future Friends', as I am unsure of where I want to go with the story. I'm unsure of how well I've characterized Adri and Angela. I also fear I may be writing depression, which is a real and...

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the distance between ‘not yet’ and ‘no longer’

not yet not yet she said i don’t think i love you yet maybe eventually perhaps in the future she said she’d love me soon not yet became just a little bit longer it became soon soon she’d feel the same just a little longer soon became almost she ‘almost loved me’ after...

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The Advice of Dionysus

Destroy yourself and then rebuild from ash and dust and gravel and stone so that you will be harder to break in futures to come disappear for hundreds upon thousands of years ‘til none remember your name not even you and until who you once were is but a distant memory...

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Future Friends – Part 33

Chapter 11: Creep It Real (thanks to my friend S. for the great title/chapter idea!!) She woke up to a knock on the door, and a cheery ‘good morning!’ from Adri. As she went to open the door, she grabbed a jacket and her backpack. She swung open the door...

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Future Friends – Part 32

He ducked through the door, and they headed down the hall, hand in hand. “Alrighty, first new neighborhood adventure! What are we looking for, what is our goal?” He stepped out into the crisp fall air and took a deep breath. “I’d say something warm, it’s a...

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Future Friends – Part 31

She leaned against his shoulder. “So, we’ve got swimming, dancing, sunset watching is an absolute must, we might be able to make s’mores, what else should we do? If my plan goes right, we’ll have two nights, and a day and a half to do stuff.” He shrugged....

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Future Friends – Part 30

As he reached the park, he saw Angela sitting on a bench, humming along to inaudible music, headphones twirled around her fingers. He tapped her on the shoulders. In hindsight, he realized that tapping her shoulder in the middle of the night in an isolated...

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Future Friends – Part 29

After Angela had explained how they met and answered the other questions she had been peppered with, Ari sat back and thought for a moment. “Okay, so, you like this guy?” Angela blushed and shrugged. “Yeah, I guess. He’s pretty nice.” Ari smirked. “Okay,...

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