Welcome to my blog! I am mildly astonished you even decided to visit this site! Thanks for coming!  My name is Lily Lippincott, and I live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In case you haven’t already noticed by the rest of my blog, I am both a world traveler (13 countries) and a baking fanatic. I am 13 years old, and have a younger brother named Ian. My mom also has a pretty awesome site: Loving Simple Living. Her and my dad also created Sharing Dots to document their charity work and travels.

A little bit about me: I love baking, my friends, and literally anything small and fluffy. Anything. I will try to pet it, squeeze it, and try to feed it treats. You could call it an unhealthy obsession, but to be more positive I’ll call it a extreme love of all things fluffy. But, moving on, I love baking. Sugary stuff, like cookies, cupcakes, and frosting. Lots of frosting. Unfortunately, butter and cream cheese are really pricey here in Cambodia, so if I make something with frosting, it is a rare occasion.

My absolute favorite thing to bake is sugar cookies, made with my own ‘secret’ recipe that I just borrowed from someone else and tweaked some of the ingredients.

I have been to 13 countries. I probably mentioned that before, but heres a list of all the countries I have been to:


  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. China
  4. Japan (just in the airport)
  5. Thailand
  6. Taiwan
  7. Malaysia
  8. Laos
  9. Mongolia
  10. South Korea (airport)
  11. Hong Kong (airport)
  12. Vietnam
  13. Cambodia

In all of my travels, I have had a lot of fun, and I may document future travels. For now our family won’t be traveling much, because my mom isn’t feeling well. But, when we do, I will certainly be giving some updates! I might start a youtube channel, but it is unlikely, as I am an extreme introvert, and this website is a great way to contribute to society without having to talk to real people in real life. 😛


I dream to eventually run a bakery, and actually have almost everything planned out, except the location of the building and where I will source the ingredients. I plan to start it when I am 25, so I can go to college, and then have some time to save up some start-up money. Hopefully it’ll work!

In summary, I am obsessed with baking and cats, I’m a world traveler, and I am very glad you decided to visit my blog! 😀

See you next post, Lily.