Ketchup: The Epic Fail

The Bowl of Blah

Hey guys! I’m back! This time, My recipe didn’t work at all, so I just thought I would show you guys what not to do. It turned out insanely sweet and would be better as syrup. 😛 Maybe you guys would do it better. Luck. I used a lot of substitutions and adjustments, so perhaps if I had done it properly with would work. I still had fun. So long story short, you are getting a fail post that didn’t work out very well. Lets get going, shall we?

I will not be providing the recipe I used, since it did not work, so I’m just going to summarize what I did. I also didn’t get very many photos, so I will have to use the same photo for each stage. It does cover all the stages I did though, so there is one upside to the loss.

To start, I put all the ingredient in the same pot, all at once, like it said too. I stirred, put it on the heat, and stirred and stirred and stirred some more. (it’s actually really hard to keep tomato paste and spices on simmer)

Then I was supposed to sit and stir it while it cooked for 20 minutes, or until it was the consistency I wanted. I got bored, turned off the stove, and called it done. (this might not have been the greatest idea) It was WAY too sweet. I probably should have used the sweetener it told me to instead of honey, but now I have advice and experience. Use way less sweetener than you think you should when you make this recipe. You can always add more, but never less. Same goes for garlic powder. I put in a touch too much, and it came out sweet with an after taste of garlic. Yuck.

Another note, my stove doesn’t do ‘simmer’. It does lava. Little volcanoes of tomato sauce sprayed tomato juice every where. So, you would want to make sure your tomato sauce simmers. ( I have no idea what simmering tomato paste looks like) I had fun though. I just recommend not getting sprayed with tomato lava. Burns are never a fun part of cooking.

I have never made ketchup before, but I am sure I will try again and be more patient with it. I just had about a million plans for the rest of the day, so I was going fast. That is also why there are not as many photos as other posts. I hope this helps with something, but I highly recommend using the following advice list:

  • Lower sweetener to a insanely small level. You can add more later if you want. (You probably won’t!)
  • Be more patient than I was. I was as patient as a squirrel crossing a road. (Not very patient)
  • Simmer! Goal is light bubbles, not tiny squirts of boiling lava.
  • Listen to your favorite music. Burns are less painful when dancing.
  • Tasting is a great idea… long as not straight out of the boiling lava pool of death. #learnedthehardway

Soooo, I think I have said enough about the failed attempt, so I will just advise you take care when cooking this recipe. It will probably take a few tries to get it right, because everyone has a different flavor preference.

Life Update: Spent all afternoon playing with friends yesterday. Whoo-hoo! Looking forward to cooking again tommorow for lunch. I’m going to make a egg and potato casserole. I’m going to be posting the recipe on the site, so see you next post! ;P