Egg n' Potato Casseroles

Hey everybody, I’m back, and this is the last of my personal project. This is also my last weekday of summer vacation :(. But, I’m back with one of my favorite projects ever. Let me introduce you guys to the Egg and Potato Mini Casserole. I have a couple suggestions to make that would way improve on it, as this was my first shot at it. Just so you can know what you would want to add, here are the suggestions.

  • I highly advise you make a crust. I recommend a thinly rolled pie crust, but if you want to be faster, a piece of tortilla will work in a pinch.
  • Shred the potatoes. It will evenly distribute the potato, and give the mini casserole more shape.
  • Mix all the potato, butter and spices together first, not after in the cupcake tins. It saves work.

So, now that thats covered, on to the recipe.

To start, wash, peel and chop/shred your potatoes. If not shredding them, chop them really fine, because they are going in cupcake tins. Then put all the potato in a bowl and add the butter and spices. I recommend using really squishy butter, it coats the potatoes better. I added the tiniest splash of milk, but it’s an optional addition. Then plop all that potato goo into the cupcake wrappers,(you would add the crust first if you followed my advice), and then bake for 25 minutes at 400 F (200 C)or until they are soft and golden brown. (yum)

The eggs are very easy to prepare. Crack all the eggs into a bowl, add a splash of milk, a dash of salt, and if you want, a tiny bit of shredded cheese. I mean, why not, cheese is always a great addition to any meal, breakfast especially. Then add the egg mixture to the potatoes and cook until done through the middle, or for 15 minutes.

Test them with a fork to make sure they’re done, and pull em’ out. The minute you pull them out, plop the shredded cheese on top so it can melt. (Chef tip: Be very generous with the cheese) This is also an opportunity to add extra salt if you like salt. I like salt, so I added three generous shakes to each mini casserole. Now, your mini casseroles are ready to enjoy.

I would like to add that you can add any ingredients you want to this. Veggies, other spices, meat, anything. They would make wonderful breakfasts or lunches on the go too. They are also pretty healthy if you tone down the butter a tiny bit. Since I travel so much, I am definitely going to try these as a train food, and I will update you on how it goes. It will be a while until then, but for now I will try to write about other cool stuff. I think the best travel option for these is to make them the night before, refrigerate them, and eat them before noon the next day.


Dash of milk if wanted.

Life Update: Again spent entire yesterday afternoon with a friend. So fun! We scrolled Pinterest and listened to music until she had to leave. We almost couldn’t walk down the stairs we were laughing so hard. I don’t think I have ever had so much fun. I’m going to start school soon, and my extra-curricular activity is 3-D animation. I might occasionally post some of the little animations I make if I have time. I am really looking forward to school starting actually, probably because I already have a character in mind. Well, see you next post!