Hi fellow toast-lover! Today’s story begins in the bathroom of a top baker. This baker, however, is a toaster-hater. He leads marches and protests against toasters. He likes toast well enough but he uses a pan and stove to toast it in. Only, all of that is a fake show. He keeps his toaster a secret. He had always wanted a secret and he had none so he invented one – ‘The toaster hating play’. He pretended to hate them and secretly owned one. But now we must get to the story.

Let’s glide in and listen to what is going on in there.

“La Da Dee Doo Dum! Toasters are a nuisance! La Dee Dum Te Doo!” The baker belted out. He stepped out of the shower and reached for the shaving cream – toast scented shaving cream. He insisted that it infuriated his mind and inspired his toaster protesting speeches.

Then he punched a panel on the wall and it swung open a secret drawer. He looked at what it contained and tossed in a piece of bread. The shiny gold toaster was his secret pride.

He waited excitedly for the toast to pop. And then he tapped his fingers and waited. And waited. And waited. And sang while he waited some more.

He decided to turn on the light to check on it and to his shock, it wouldn’t turn on. He checked the breakers and switched with them a few times. Then he tried the switch one more time and it worked.

He slowly looked at the toaster and snatched his toast and ran downstairs and threw five dozen loaves of bread in the oven before smearing some toppings on his toast and spraying some smoke scented perfume on the stove to make it smell like he had fried his toast.




The end