Taipei Purple



My name is Timmy the Tut-Tut. I am an orange stuffed…..


Whoa this is high up. Taipei 101 is higher than I thought. I have a purple nose. I have been abandoned by my owner….actually I was abandoned three years ago. Well anyway, I have been granted a special toy mailbox and I received a package this morning. It is a large mailbox, did I mention that?


That package. Where is it? Ah, that’s the one. (he proceeds to tug it out of the box) Whew. That is a large package. What could be in it? Ahhhh! Big aquatic animal at three-o-clock! Help!


Hi, large lost sea creature. What are you doing here? (Squawk) Huh. What on earth is it. Hey PAL-34, What is this creature? (BEEP, BEEP, This is a penguin. BEEP BEEP) Oh, a penguin is it? What shall I do with a a penguin? First I should take it to the zoo and have it see the polar bears, then the movies, and then we will ship you home. How about it Penny? I’m gonna call you Penny. (affirmative reply from the penguin)


Ok, lets get started. First the polar bears. Here you are, the Polar Bears. (turning on the radio and tuning in to the music sung by the Polar Bear band). Next, the movies. Click. La Na La Doo Do Da. There you go.


Now lets get you , Penny I mean, home. Here you go. Lets put you in the box and see about that address. Hum. I can probably put the zoo address. That will do very nicely. If you want you can see the address. It is shown below. See? A very simple address.


ZOO KEEPER OF THE BAYTOON ZOO. Splendid. There. (smacks on label) In the mailbox for you. There. All done.


The End