Hi. Just before the story starts, I just wanted to let you now that I’m the narrator. Gonna tell ya the basics in the story. Enjoy the story! Oh…and also, this is a short autobiography of a 12 year old magician who is starting a magic show in Nebraska. She only knows one trick.  It’s nice and sunny outside and about 7:00 in the evening.  Let’s step into the show and grab a couple seats.

“….Magic a magic da  POOF!.. One large movie of my own day, that I will choose, coming right up.” says the magician. Up pops image of magician picking nose. “Ahh! Oops. That was a made-up illusion folks, lets see the real day.” she mumbles and proceeds to make bubble showing her birthday party, again containing her picking her nose in the playback.

“Oops. My wand broke. That was another made up image.” the magician quickly explains.   “I need a new wand…. ” she calls off to the people back stage”

“What day can I show that I didn’t pick my nose!?” the magician thinks to herself.  Then she had a great idea! ” Oh yes, now that I have my wand, I can show the day I chose.” she said.

“So I bet you are wondering how I got myself into this mess” the magician asked the crowd. “Well, I am too. But anyway, if you can help me think of any day that I NEVER once picked my nose I will give you fifty dollars” she promises.  “My birthday! Yes that is a great idea! she exclaimed answering a little girl in the front row.  She pulls up image of birthday and sighs as no nose picking appears.  The magic show was a success.

A little later, after the show was done, the magician thought to herself “How did I get myself in that nose picking mess? Witches, perhaps. No, maybe dragon breath ruined my wand. But there are no witches or dragons, much less dragon breath, in Nebraska. A logical explanation would be….well I guess I have none. I never pick my nose …that much.”

The magician’s mom started to walk up toward the stage.  “Uh-oh, here comes Mom. Mom hates nose picking. And if I can’t convince her that my wand broke, I am in for a HUGE talking too. I hate talking-to’s.” she thought to herself.  “Mom, my wand broke and that was all an illusion! Huh?” she quickly explained.

Her Mom laughed and laughed and chuckled and than giggled some more. “Mom, MOM! Earth to Mother, Earth to MOM! HOO-HOO! MOM!” the magician called.  Her mom has tears of laughter running down her cheeks by now.  “Hey, is anyone here a doctor? I need some help with my mom. She won’t stop laughing.” the magician called out to anyone who might be listening.  A young man ran over to help. “It’s fine I guess, I was just worried. Mom hasn’t laughed that hard ever.” she explained.

The End