This is George. He is the typical super muscle guy and he is going to try the world record for longest time lifting a twenty pound weight. He is just the right age, sixteen. He has practiced a lot. Here is his story.

When he was little, he was given a weight set as a gift from his dad. He practiced all day. But one particular day, his last weight was stolen. There had been regular thievery of various parts of the machine until the last piece vanished.

He worried that his dad would be angry so he earned money and bought a new set and worked regularly until he was in college. There were no weights or any form of strengthening sports. He urgently requested one and persistently asked until the asked for object was granted. He again was faithfully working away at his goal.

Then came a breakdown. His weights were sabotaged and he was thrown into five hour long classes and was offered bribes from a secret giver to stop the persistent attempts to find and fix the weights. He threw the money back at the disguised giver and ran towards the gym and tripped over a small stone and slammed into a panel and it swung open and revealed the missing set.

He diligently practiced for the rest of the time in college. The rest is history.

And now lets go back to the record. Ooh how close. He only needs to hold it for eight more seconds. Only six now. Only four agonizing seconds. Three, two, one. He did it! Wait, He is still holding them there. He has held it a full minute more. Ohh, Boom goes the cannon. Down go the weights. He is done with the record! He made the record!

The End