Hi! I’m Li, and this is my website! This website is for posting art and writing I make. I might not update very often, but I’ll try!

About me:

Name: Lily, but you can call me Li or Lee for short!

Age: 14

Favorite color: Aquamarine blue.

Favorite singer: Superfruit (technically two people, but whatever) and Frankie.

Favorite book/s: Magnus Chase series.

Favorite character in said series?: Alex Fierro, hands down.

Pets?: Two! Their names are Marly and Marmalade, accurately nicknamed Jiggle Gerbil and Lizard Licker.

Favorite movie: Fault in Our Stars

Least favorite movie: Fault in Our Stars

Art style: Idk, it’s always changes, I just try to have fun with it.

Writing style: Horror/suspense is my favorite stuff to write right now.

Thanks for checking out my website, and feel free to leave ideas or suggestions for art or writing!